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iHerb 상품평



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curb my appetite

5087170328310174898님께서 Jul 29, 2012 에 작성하셨습니다.

I took Dr.Oz's guest recommendation on the saffron extract.This stuff works.I have to make myself eat.

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It Works for Me!

5454755957509246651님께서 Dec 17, 2012 에 작성하셨습니다.

Bought the product to help with tremendous mood swings and carb. cravings caused by PMS and some hope to lose weight. Every month my efforts to lose weight was sabotaged by PMS. The best results are reached over time as the bottle says. After the first week, I noticed appetite changes; feeling fuller fast. By the 3rd week, I wasn't: eating between meals like before, eating a lot of carbs, and emotionally eating. After 5 weeks, my PMS symptons are mild. My mood is a lot happier and steadier. I still have minimal cravings, but I am not out of control. I eat when I feel hungry and stop when satisfied. I have lost inches and weight due to combining exercising, good eating habits and this product. I couldn't have done it without Re-Body Hunger Caps. I'm buying some more today!

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Actually seems to work!

Reviewer2253662님께서 Jul 17, 2012 에 작성하셨습니다.

I have to say, I'm pretty surprised at how well this product works. I was a little skeptical thinking it was just the next hot thing and was pumped up to be something it wasn't simply for being on Dr. Oz, but it seems to actually curb your appetite a bit. It's not a miracle pill, but it does curb those between meal cravings. You do have to take it pretty religiously to get the proper effects (twice a day), but the days I forgot I notice that I am ravenous and the days I remember, I'm ok for a while. Overall, I'd say this product is worth the money.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?


Reviewer1850201님께서 Jul 18, 2012 에 작성하셨습니다.


이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Helping Mood

Reviewer2544820님께서 Apr 13, 2012 에 작성하셨습니다.

This product seems to be helping slightly with my depression. So far it seems my appetite has increased on these as they seem to increase my stomach acid. I have only been taking these for 3 days, so hoping the upset stomach issue will subside.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

no weight lost

5469275327759598300님께서 Jan 13, 2013 에 작성하셨습니다.

helped with appetite control but didnt lose any yet...at 3.5 weeks

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Saterial Saffron Extract

5702615038509124220님께서 Sep 04, 2012 에 작성하셨습니다.

My doctor said I need to wait until after my one of my treatments is done, before I start this...So I have yet to try it... but he has had patients use this product and he tells me that they all lost weight while using it. He also reports that those patients experienced slightly elevated mood while using the product and cautions those people with bi-polar disorder to use this only with close monitoring by their physician.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?


Reviewer2661026님께서 Sep 21, 2012 에 작성하셨습니다.

You have to want to stop the cravings by reducing your sugar intake a lot.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?


Reviewer1469511님께서 Apr 17, 2013 에 작성하셨습니다.

I ordered this product based on the reviews. It certainly is repressing my appetite so I could see how I could be losing weight. It left me nauseous, but most importantly left me with a detox headache. I moved down to one pill a day with the same results, so I will need to give it a break. Maybe I will try in a couple of weeks again.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

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