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iHerb 상품평



할인금액: ₩17,456 (28% 할인)

죄송하지만, 이 제품은 이제 재고가 없습니다.

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Can't go a day without it

Reviewer1131578님께서 7 26, 2010 에 작성하셨습니다.

It keeps me energized and helps me control my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I can feel the difference when I don't take it.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

greem magma

5730847031510336895님께서 6 27, 2012 에 작성하셨습니다.

i have just started using the green magma barley grass, but it came highly recommended to me and i am excited about the results coming from my drinking it every day.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Wish Green Magma was in glass and not plastic.

Reviewer3312410님께서 1 30, 2012 에 작성하셨습니다.

I have been using Dr. Hicagawa's Barley Green for over 20 years. I think it is a wonderful green food.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Best green drink I've tasted

Reviewer2137959님께서 12 24, 2009 에 작성하셨습니다.

This one dissolves completely in water. This one is dried barley juice, not grounded wheat grass.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

great superfood

Reviewer1491751님께서 11 08, 2009 에 작성하셨습니다.

I like this special green.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Different taste then I thought

Reviewer2645878님께서 6 10, 2010 에 작성하셨습니다.

Great product, but a little different taste then I thought. However, I mixed it with vitamin water so that might be the problem. Taste a bit like tea, so I plan on mixing it with some green tea to test it out.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Good product! Bad package seal !

Reviewer1530542님께서 6 17, 2010 에 작성하셨습니다.

This product is very smooth and easy to mix it with any drink except the inner seal was loose and split out of the container. Fortunately, it did have another outer seal, therefore, the mess was minimal.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

postal clerk

Reviewer2786405님께서 9 18, 2008 에 작성하셨습니다.

High on vitamin K. Good brand.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?


Reviewer2004397님께서 10 27, 2008 에 작성하셨습니다.

Good Taste, like this economy size.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?


Reviewer3092424님께서 6 25, 2008 에 작성하셨습니다.

Very bad taste. Difficult to mix with water. Best method is to use a shaker, but that results in a lot of foam, which is hard to get down. A capsule would be far easier to take, but I will finish the container first. I believe it is effective in adding energy, but I have to remember to allow 20 minutes before breakfast.

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