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Fantastic supplement - turned my CFS around

iHerb 고객님께서 7 05, 2011 에 작성하셨습니다. | 실제 주문자가 작성한 글

I have been sick with CFS and neurological Lyme disease for 2 years - really sick - and the many other treatments I was taking helped only to get my energy back to about 40% of normal. Ugh! so, on my own, I added this supplement and ASEA (look it up, not available on iherb) and had a DRAMATIC improvement. I don't think it would have happened until the lyme had been beaten back some, etc. but WOW!!! I am at about 70-80% of normal energy, not prefect, but basically I can now enjoy my life. I feel good most of the time (huge change) even if I'm still not back to vigorous exercise or long days. I've tried taking just one or the other of these two, and the effect for me is reduced. If you are chronically ill with reduced energy, give it a try.

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little expensive but worth every penny.

iHerb 고객님께서 1 11, 2012 에 작성하셨습니다. | 실제 주문자가 작성한 글

if you go to life extensions website to check the research on what pqq does it's insane this is the next generation of the best coenzymes on the market. from cardio protection to neuro protection from excitoxicity (over stimulating neurons from stress and from aging) to activating the survival gene like resveratrol does to acting like a super antioxidant to fight free radical damage and aging, I bet anyone who has a degenerative disease (which can mean many things stress related especially) or has chronic fatigue sydrome this definately will help. I notice it's not like a herb that you take and only temporarily works only when you take it, it definately builds up which is another quality other herbs don't have. in a few years hopefully it will be a little more affordable at half the price it would be more affordable for many.

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iHerb 고객님께서 4 18, 2011 에 작성하셨습니다. | 실제 주문자가 작성한 글

I have bee using the LE PQQ 10mg tablets for approximately 3 weeks and have noticed an improvement in my level of "energy". Due to my heavy exercise load and at 58 years of age I can say that I am keenly aware of my physical "status". I have not changed any other supplements or diet. I can say it has definitely made a difference.

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Витамин В14 (пирролохинолинхинон, кофермент)

SoniaSonia님께서 4 03, 2013 에 작성하셨습니다. | 실제 주문자가 작성한 글

Eстественное водорастворимое вещество, относящееся к витаминоподобным веществам.ПХХ обладает каталитической активностью в осуществлении окислительно-восстановительных реакций по крайней мере в 100 раз большей, чем аскорбиновая кислота, витамин K3 и все изофлавоноиды и полифенольные соединения. ПХХ одержится в тканях растений и животных и, соответственно, в пище животного и растительного происхождения. ПХХ важен для роста и развития клеток и внутриклеточных структур (количество и размеры митохондрий), для нормальной репродукции, нормального протекания беременности, роста и развития плода, роста и развития новорожденных. Доказано его участие в осуществлении иммунитета. В частности, пищевые добавки, содержащие пирроло-хинолин-хинон в наномолярных количествах увеличивают активность B-лимфоцитов и T-лимфоцитов. ПХХ является мощным антиоксидантом. Благодаря этому он выполняет: функцию защиты печени от различных патогенных воздействий, предотвращает развитие катаракты (в частности, возникающей при передозировке глюкокортикоидов), обладает противовоспалительным действием, снижает отеки при воспалении. ПХХ не способен проходить через гематоэнцефалический барьер. Вместе с тем, получены убедительные данные что он защищает нейроны от повреждающего действия ишемии и гипоксии, предотвращает возникновение инфарктов и способствует регенерации нервной ткани. Используется как препарат, замедляющий процессы старения, обладающий нейрозащитной функцией, благоприятствующий синтезу фактора роста, развития и восстановления нейронов, способствующий восстановлению утраченных психических функций (память) при нейродегенеративных заболеваниях, таких как болезнь Паркинсона и болезнь Альцгеймера.

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not so good

iHerb 고객님께서 3 14, 2011 에 작성하셨습니다. | 실제 주문자가 작성한 글

I have CFS/ME and tried it for mitochondrial support. It did boost my energy but made me jittery like caffeine does. It also caused heart palpitations so I stopped using it after 3 weeks.

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yes, yes, yes

bobbienorthern님께서 4 22, 2011 에 작성하셨습니다. | 실제 주문자가 작성한 글

These truly are life extending and will take these the rest of my life and in combination with all the other supplements I take I have more energy with these and a quicker recovery time after my daily 5 miles of jogging and walking each day and I am 68 and just keep going and going all day and half the evening now. Really an excellent supplement

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High quality product

iHerb 고객님께서 5 02, 2011 에 작성하셨습니다. | 실제 주문자가 작성한 글

Easy, smooth transaction as always. People say that I look and sound better despite stage 4 cancer. Time will tell.

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PQQ Caps with Bio PQQ

iHerb 고객님께서 11 29, 2011 에 작성하셨습니다. | 실제 주문자가 작성한 글

WHAT a GREAT product didn't know about until doctor did suggest, DEFINATELY helps rebuild muscle tissues (without having any stress or strain after exerting myself with exercise in the chest!

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iHerb 고객님께서 5 11, 2011 에 작성하셨습니다. | 실제 주문자가 작성한 글

After taking this supplement for one week, I can tell the difference in my workouts. I have more energy, I feel stronger and less fatigued after workout. I will keep taking as long as I can afford buying it. Thanks Iherb for the hands down fastest shipper on the net :-).

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effective on energy but possible side effects / interactions

KinnaMi님께서 3 06, 2014 에 작성하셨습니다. | 실제 주문자가 작성한 글

Recently I tried PQQ (10mg) + ubiquinol (50mg). It was too much, I had heart palpitations. I tested PQQ only. After 1 week, today, I do not take phenylalanine/Korean ginseng anymore. I have a better, smooth, not too high, level of energy. I re-ordered 4 bottles of PQQ, I want to give it to my mother (she has weak thyroid and surrenals as well) Pay attention, the first 3 days, I had the weird feeling that my legs and my arms were flooded by electricity. And coffee made it worst. Please note that when I started PQQ, I was taken other supplements: ashwaghanda, rhodiola, American ginseng, Korean ginseng, maca + vit C + acetyl-l-carnitine + iron + phenylalanine + glutamine + pregnenolone (I have hormonal imbalances) Excuse-me for the possible mistakes, english is not my mother language.

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