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Great produce

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 06, 2009 | Verified Purchase

I think this produce make my health better and better from inside. My skin and my hair look better, the pimple on my face and arm gone. I take Green Magma in the morning, it make me fresh and powerful. I introduced this produce to my uncle,and he love it,too.

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Balance Your PH

Posted by iHerb Customer on Mar 26, 2009 | Verified Purchase

Green Magma has helped me to no longer worry about some foods causing me to get hives. It balances your PH so your body isn't so acidic, it becomes more alkaline. It also allows me to not feel sore muscles when I work out or do more exercise than normal. My 60 year old husband cuts wood for our woodburner and the next day never feels sore or achy like he use to before starting on Green Magma.

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Super Item

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jan 25, 2008 | Verified Purchase

I bought these for general daily use, they are FOOD. I love them. I started my 87 year old mother on them along with myself and she love them! I cansee the change in her complexion already. Another way to keep her comfortable with micro nutrition!!

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Good product, Green Magma

Posted by iHerb Customer on Mar 09, 2014 | Verified Purchase

5 months ago, my aunt from Canada came back to Vietnam and she introduced me Green Magma. She has been using this product for many years and likes it very much. She said that she will never give up it until the last minute of her life. After following her advice, I started to use it. After nearly 2 months of using, I feel very happy because my health condition has been much improved and better than before. I feel full of energy & healthy after whole working day. I think we should be patient for using it long time, it will certainly give us good result for health in future. iHerb is very good. I highly appreciate their professional working way. Price is suitable and especially their shipment is very fast. It only takes 3.5 days for me to receive Green Magma. It is sure that iHerb is my selection and I will continue to order Green Magma from now on. Thanks iHerb so much.

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Simply the best green superfood there is!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Feb 23, 2008 | Verified Purchase

Yeah, I've been waiting for someone to come forward and say something about this stuff. I've experienced such tremendous improvements in my health and vitality from using it that it has become the backbone of my regimen. I am one who doesn't like all those green food mixtures of extracts from many different sources cos you never get to know which component is producing what effect on your health. I like having my supplements in their whole form so as to properly analyze the effect each one has on my health and, more importantly, to get the synergy from the full spectrum of nutrients in each one. As such, this product has won my loyalty; it is hands-down the best (whole) green superfood there is -- gently detoxifies as well as strengthens the body all round. I take it twice a day, before breakfast and lunch respectively (first-timers should start out once a day for the first week).

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Definitely worth buying!

Posted by Supplementsdiy on Apr 16, 2013 | Verified Purchase

Barley gras s juice offers highly bioavailable vitamin, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, chlorophyll and other phytonutrients without the fiber. Barley gras s juice is detoxing, help to prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, lower high cholesterol and high blood pressure, anti inflammatory, immune boosting, pro mote weight loss, improves blood flow, prevent cancer, boosts brain function, improve healing of wounds, improve skin condition, balance pH value, anti aging, increase energy and others! Because it is in the juice and no digestion is required, the much needed nutrients can be easily absorbed, even for people who has poor digestion system. The taste is really a surprise! It tastes sweet and aromatic. Remind me of sweetened green tea. It tastes so good that sometimes I eat the powder directly without mixing with water! Barley gras s juice is supposed to taste bitter (more bitter than wheatgras s)and pretty yucky. I think it tastes sweet due to the maltodextrin used and it’s not in any small amount. This product is also organic (no pesticides). That means this product is probably not 99-100% juice. As for the price, it is somewhat expensive. However if taste is an issue and motivating factor for taking green juice, it is probably for you! Check out my page for more reviews!

Thanks for your feedback!

Wow!, This stuff sure makes you feel better!, I'm SOLD!!!!! (:->)

Posted by iHerb Customer on Aug 11, 2012 | Verified Purchase

My Mother got me a canister of this stuff because she was worried that i wasn't getting proper nutrition, i had never heard of it before, well i was leary of drinking a green mixture so i added it with juice (V-8 Splash lite strawberry/banana) and it tasted great and made me feel awesome and it also has an amazing way of calming the stomach!, well i kicked the juice to the curb and found out that this stuff taste GREAT in 8oz of ice cold Ozarka bottled water, so don't mess it up with any juices, drink green magma with good ol ice cold water!!!!!, i plan to keep drinking this this product for life!, it has really made me feel better, more energy, and i'm not tired all the time like i used to be, i drink one in the morning before work and i drink another one in the evening when i get home from work, that's what works for me!, i may try some other green foods products now because i love this one so much!, HAIL GREEN MAGMA!!!!! (:->)

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Great Green Stuff Barley Grass

Posted by iHerb Customer on Feb 19, 2012 | Verified Purchase

Barley Grass really energizes my very tired body, I take it daily and feel the difference when I do not take it. Great stuff

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Posted by iHerb Customer on Feb 06, 2012 | Verified Purchase

have been using this product for more than 10 years and highly recommend.

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Thank you Doctor Hagiwara!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Oct 25, 2009 | Verified Purchase

Last time I bought my green supplement, I tried another brand, the NOW brand supplement. It was a huge and expensive disappointment. I am now back to using Green Foods Green Magma. Truly it is an exceptional product; it gives me energy and a general feeling of well-being. And it tastes so fresh in my juice glass. It is fine textured and a beautiful light, bright green -- harvested young. Not coarse and dark like the NOW brand. I highly recommend Green Magma. Thank you Doctor Hagiwara!

Thanks for your feedback!

1-10 of 103 total

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