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Honeybee Gardens, 파우더컬러스 미네랄 컬러, Temptress, 0.042 온스 (1.2 g)

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Honeybee Gardens, 파우더컬러스 미네랄 컬러, Temptress, 0.042 온스 (1.2 g)

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Honeybee Gardens, 파우더컬러스 미네랄 컬러, Temptress, 0.042 온스 (1.2 g)

Honeybee Gardens, 파워컬러 스택터블 미네랄 컬러, 새틴 시트, 0.042 온스 (1.2 그램)
Honeybee Gardens, 쌓을 수 있는 파우더컬러스 미네랄 컬러, Angelic, 0.042 온스 (1.2 g)
Honeybee Gardens, 파우더컬러스 미네랄 컬러, Temptress, 0.042 온스 (1.2 g)
  • 배송 무게:
    0.001 kg
    파운드 단위로 변경
  • 상품 코드: HON-44016
  • UPC 코드: 665013440160
  • 포장 수량: 0.042 온스
  • 부피 및 배송 중량:
    3 x 3 x 2 cm , 0.001 kg
    파운드 단위로 변경

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Temptress - sparkly deep plum with an aged bronze glow.

All mineral make-up is not created equal.

Sure, mineral make-up is fun, easy to use, and allows you create stunning looks ranging from natural to glamorous, but what makes PowderColors different?

  1. PowderColors is a blend of pure, uncoated mineral pigments and oxidized mica, free from unnecessary fillers and preservatives.
  2. The popular department store brands contain talc and bismuth oxychloride - cheap fillers that can wreak havoc on your skin. Bismuth oxychloride is a synthetically-produced metal that can get into pores and cause irritation.
  3. PowderColors is totally vegan!  It does not contain dyes, lakes, carmine, FD&C colors, fragrance, talc, bismuth oxychloride, parabens, petroleum derivatives or dimethicone.
  4. Portability. Decide what colors you want to wear for the day, twist the little pots together and all your color is in one convenient place.  What could be easier?  No more fumbling around your handbag for your shadow, eye liner, blush...
  5. Versatility. These beautiful loose powders can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and even mixed with our Clear WaterColors Nail Enamel to create custom polish colors!

제품 사용법

Eye Shadow: Dip our shadow brush into the desired color, tap off excess and apply to eye lids. Choose a lighter color like Flirtatious or Chai to highlight the area just beneath the brow. Then add a medium shade like Gypsy to the lid and highlight the crease with a deeper shade such as Spellbound.

Eye Liner: Dip a fine brush into water, shake off excess and then dip the wetted brush into the color of your choice. Deep colors like Passage to India work best. Mix the powder and water on the back of your hand or the jar's lid to create a creamy liquid liner. Apply near the lash line of either the upper or lower lid (or both).

Lip Color: Dip your brush into a clear lip gloss, and then into the PowderColors of your choice. Mix the powder and gloss together in a separate container to create a custom gloss color. Add more powder to deepen the color. Apply to lips.

Nail Polish: What could be cooler than creating your own custom nail polish color? Dip our Clear WaterColors Nail Enamel brush into the color of your choice and apply directly to the nail. Brush over the nail a few times to smooth out and disperse the pigment. Be sure to clean the brush between dippings so as not to color your bottle of clear polish (so you can use another color next time!) Finish with a top coat of Clear to seal in color.

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운모, 카올린, 실리카, ricinus communis (피마 자유) 종자유, simmondsia chinensis (호호바) 종자유, 칼륨 소르 베이트, chlorphenesin. 이산화 티탄 (CI 77891), 산화철 (CI 77491,77492, 77499), 울트라 마린 블루 (CI 77007).


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