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Yogi Tea, Slim Life, Caramel Apple Spice, 16 Tea Bags, 1.12 oz (32 g)

제조사 Yogi Tea
권장소비자 가격:
판매 가격:
₩546 (10)
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  • 구매 수량 2+
    할인 5%
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  • 유통기한: Dec 2017
  • 배송 무게: 0.36 lbs (0.16 kg)
  • 상품 코드: YGT-20356
  • UPC 코드: 076950203563
  • 포장 수량: 16 Tea Bags, 1.12 oz (32 g)
  • 부피 및 배송 중량: 4.4 x 3.1 x 2.7 in, 0.15 lbs (0.07 kg)
묶음 구매
묶음 할인 ₩5,572 오늘 본 제품들을 구매하시면 할인 적용 가격 ₩8,314
총합: ₩13,886
묶음 구매 할인: - ₩5,572
묶음구매 ₩8,314

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  • Energizes and Supports a Dieting Program
  • 100% Natural
  • Formerly Snack Tea
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified Rooibos
  • Made with Organic Assam Tea
  • Herbal Supplement
  • Contains Caffeine
  • Certified Organic by QAI
  • Non-Irradiated
  • Oxygen-Bleached Tea Bags

Indulge with our Delicious Slim Life tea!

Breathe in the enchanting aroma of Yogi Caramel Apple Spice Slim Life tea. Thoughtfully blended with flavorful Organic Assam Black Tea, Rooibos and Schisandra Berry, this delicious and satisfying tea is purposefully formulated to provide the energy you need to maintain an active lifestyle while dieting. Real Apple and Schisandra Berry in combination with rich Caramel and exotic spices make this an enchanting one-of-a-kind blend that pleases the senses. Enjoy an indulgent and satisfying cup of Caramel Apple Spice Slim Life as a delicious addition to a weight loss program and exercise and a balanced diet!

Yogi Principles

~Tasting great is essential, but it isn't enough. If what we make doesn't taste great and leave you feeling great, we won't make it.

~We think before we blend. How will our recipes work with body and mind?

~Health is found in nature. We work with what nature already offers rather than trying to concoct it. We don't have laboratories. We have kitchens.

~Creative combinations can optimize what nature has to offer. Ever added peppermint to ginger? They work together to produce a remarkably fresh and innovative taste... and a remarkable invigorating experience.

~Whenever possible, we work with wholes, not parts. We blend with whole spices and botanicals for their natural goodness - we don't supplement with vitamins and minerals.

제품 사용법

Get the Most Out of Every Cup

Bring water to boiling and steep 4 to 6 minutes. For a stronger tea, use 2 tea bags. Enjoy 2 to 4 cups daily.

포함된 다른 성분들

Organic apple flavor, organic caramel flavor, natural vanilla flavor, salt, Luo Han Guo fruit extract, natural cinnamon bark oil, natural cardamom seed oil, natural ginger root oil.

Each teabag contains approximately 35 mg of caffeine, as compared to approximately 90 mg in 8 oz coffee.

성분 함량표
Serving Size: 1 tea bag (Makes 8 fl oz)
  Amount Per Tea Bag % Daily Value
Proprietary Blend of Herbs: 1,671 mg  
Organic Assam Black Tea Leaf  
Organic Rooibos Leaf  
Organic Cinnamon Bark  
Organic Schisandra Berry  
Apple Pieces  
Cardamom Seed  
Organic Ginger Root  
Organic Clove Bud  
Organic Black Peeper  
† Daily Value not established.
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