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iHerb 상품평

평가 | 영어

This is the best smelling soap EVER!!!

Reviewer1127124님께서 May 16, 2008 에 작성하셨습니다.

I am sick to death of smelling like irish spring or some chemical. I found this by accident, and haven't been able to find it again, until now! This site is the best value as well!!! They should have some deals, like 3 for 10.00, 5 for 15.00. Regardless, i love the way it smells, and so does my family!!! Thank you for carryiing it! YEAH!!!

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Definitely worth buying!

Supplementsdiy님께서 Nov 17, 2013 에 작성하셨습니다.

This soap contains all natural ingredients. It does not contain harsh chemicals such as paraben, phthalate, sodium lauryl sulphate. It’s biodegradable and does not leave behind harmful chemicals in the environment. It does not sting the eyes much when it accidently gets into the eyes like when you use conventional soap loaded with many unknown chemical. I found it too a bit more drying. This is probably the best bar soap that I have tried (I like Dr Wood’s liquid as well but I use it for other purposes instead). The first thing that you will notice about this soap is that it’s so big, much bigger than the standard bar soap size and it lasts much longer as well. Secondly, it’s the smell. It smells wonderful. You can easily smell it even before you open it. It will also freshen up your bathroom for the next few days before losing its smell (like any other bar soap). Thirdly, it lathers very well; giving a rich, creamy feel (reminds me of Dove body wash). This is special as almost all natural soaps do not lather really well or even close to conventional chemical soap. Definitely important if you mis s the lather feeling when you switch to natural soap. Lastly, this soap is not drying at all and is very gentle. When I use it to wash my face, it tends to get oily again within 2-3 hours only! Other soaps tend to last 4-5 hours and often make my facial skin too dry. It keeps your skin soft and moisturized. It is definitely money for value and size too! Check out my page for more reviews!

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

South of France Honey Soar

Reviewer1197711님께서 May 03, 2010 에 작성하셨습니다.

I really like this body soap. I do not wear perfume but the other day I received a compliment re the fragrance. It smells nice but its very subtle

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Great Soap

Reviewer2967029님께서 Dec 30, 2012 에 작성하셨습니다.

I have been using this brand soap for a few years now after researching for a pure healthy soap to use for my family. I like using all the different scents and you don't feel like you are showering your skin in chemicals like other soaps that have all the additives.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

It does the job

Reviewer2297908님께서 Jul 14, 2010 에 작성하셨습니다.

I didn't like the scent - doesn't smell anything like honey, but then for the benefit of the doubt I never actually smelled ALL the honeys that are out there. I wouldn't buy the honey scented bar for myself or for a gift again but I would still highly recommend the South of France line of products especially the shea butter and the lemon chamomile bars.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Luxurious fragrant soap!

Reviewer2013250님께서 Nov 07, 2008 에 작성하셨습니다.

Smells yummy! I love these soaps. The fragrance is not sickly sweet like some other brands. Just a clean lathering soap that leaves you with a subtle scent.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Very good soap.

Reviewer1751519님께서 Oct 31, 2011 에 작성하셨습니다.

My favorite soap. That's the only soap my family uses.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

beautiful smell....

Reviewer1983035님께서 Nov 01, 2012 에 작성하셨습니다.

great for gifts....

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Nice soap!

LoveLife님께서 Nov 11, 2012 에 작성하셨습니다.

I would not pay full price for it. 1 $ was just enough. Too usual. Nubian Heritage is definitely better!

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Size an issue

5085610794100820201님께서 Nov 01, 2012 에 작성하셨습니다.

Bar is huge - too big to fit in your hand and the smell is bit funky. Very slippery and leaves skin soft though.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

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