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Pasta with a hearty taste and fine al dente consistency... best GF I know of.

marccofer님께서 Feb 04, 2016 에 작성하셨습니다.

This GF pasta is simply excellent. I read the bad reviews but wanted to try something with more taste than brown-rice GF pasta alternatives. I have been greatly pleased. I believe this pasta brand must be getting its weak reviews from people not initiated to whole-foods. If you're only eating white bread, white rice and white pasta then this pasta is probably not going to feed your pasta fix. If you eat brown breads and whole-grains, you'll get it immediately. Admittedly the finished product is on the sticky side. But, cooked al dente, I've never had an issue of breakage mentioned in so many reviews here. Finally, I used it in a noodle soup today and it couldn't have come out any better with white-flour pasta IMHO. One preparation tip... it goes from chewing/crunchy in the pot to al dente in a split second... watch carefully right at the end. I'd guess there's about a 1 minute window from perfection to mush (perhaps the issue people are speaking of in reviews). I would bet that any kid raised eating this pasta would never be able to eat a white-flour pasta (why would they eat something lacking a taste of wholeness?)

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

3 stars for taste only

Reviewer2933878님께서 May 06, 2011 에 작성하셨습니다.

I like the flavor of this spaghetti compared with other GF spaghetti but there always seems to be less in the pot than what I started with. And, it always seems to fall apart. I do like that it's multi-grain instead of just rice or potato.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Good For Health

5692726853667147372님께서 Feb 03, 2013 에 작성하셨습니다.

They all broken in the hot water, end up I served with my spoon, it's look like a baby food.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

breaks into little pieces

4943815575948980341님께서 Apr 28, 2013 에 작성하셨습니다.

Terrible pasta! after cooking it according to the instructions it broke into tiny 1cm little pieces. I will not reccommend anyone buying this!

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Very good

4929105412417238465님께서 Jun 02, 2013 에 작성하셨습니다.

Very good

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Great product

Reviewer1058619님께서 Jun 11, 2016 에 작성하셨습니다.

We like this better than "regular" spaghetti - and it's much healthier!

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Great taste and texture.

4670735421829090863님께서 Aug 14, 2016 에 작성하셨습니다.

Really worth a try, great taste and texture.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

very good

5258453068648323944님께서 Jul 11, 2013 에 작성하셨습니다.

very good

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

Excellent GF pasta option!

eattothrive님께서 Jun 28, 2012 에 작성하셨습니다.

Very good!

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?


Reviewer1505454님께서 Oct 18, 2011 에 작성하셨습니다.

Excellent! Husband didn't notice a difference from regular pasta.

이 상품평이 도움이 되었나요?

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