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Born Free, Natural Feeding, Tru-Clean Bottle Cleaning System Sponge Brush (Discontinued Item)

제조사 Born Free

판매중단 상품

품절 - 판매중단 상품
  • 배송 무게:
    1.82 kg
    파운드 단위로 변경
  • 상품 코드: BRF-46600
  • UPC 코드: 012914466001
  • 포장 수량:
  • 부피 및 배송 중량:
    4.3 x 8.9 x 33.8 cm , 1.54 kg
    파운드 단위로 변경


  • Replaceable Sponge Design for Germ-Free Cleaning
  • Won't Scratch Glass or Plastic Bottles!
  • Hangs for Easy Storage and Air Drying
  • Integrated Nipple Cleaner

Includes: 1 Bonus Sponge.

Tru-Clean Bottle Cleaning System


  • Contoured sponge cleans hard-to-reach areas
  • Won't scratch glass or plastic bottles


  • Nipple cleaner designed into handle
  • Hangs for easy storage and air-drying


  • Replaceable sponges are easy to install
  • 2 pack replacement sponges sold separately

제품 사용법

Using bottle brush to clean bottles:

  • Wet sponge before use.
  • Fill bottle half way with hot soapy water.
  • Push sponge end inside the bottle (diagram 1).
  • Use sponge end to clean all areas by twisting and moving back & forth.
  • When the bottle is clean, rinse it thoroughly and then it can be sterilized.
  • Rinse and allow sponge to dry naturally.

Using bottle brush to clean nipples:

  • Wash nipple in hot soapy water.
  • Use the soft end of bottle brush to clean inside of nipple by pushing it completely inside of nipple (diagram 2).
  • Twist the brush while holding outside of nipple.
  • When nipple is clean, rinse it thoroughly and then it can be sterilized.

Replacing sponge end:

  • Sponge end can be easily replaced when needed. We recommend replacing every 30 days.
  • Grab sides of plug and pull to unsnap it (diagram 3).
  • Lift old sponge and remove from clip on the back by sliding it down the brush handle.

Tip: Wet new sponge prior to reattaching to handle.

  • Attach new sponge by fitting one hole to clip on back of handle and sliding upward (diagram 4).
  • Once sponge is at top of clip, bend it around top of handle.
  • Pull sponge down to line up hole in sponge with hole in handle. Once lined up, push plug end into hole until it snaps in place.
  • Your bottle brush is now ready to use.

Tip: This method can also be used to remove sponge and sterilize in the dishwasher. Allow sponge to dry naturally.